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Quiet Space: 18 July 2021

Quiet Space  18th July 2021


What is it that We seek?


Teach me, my God and King,

In all things Thee to see,

And what I do in anything,

To do it as for Thee.       George Herbert


It is silence that offers space for our lives

Too big and complex to be explained by any words

It is the silence of God that gives a home

to all the hopes, the fears, the fragments, the layers, the tangents,

the tangles and the tearings

And in the silence God holds us, all of us, and tells us

‘You are mine.’

The light, the dark, the shadow,

the sun, the rain, the wind,

the rainbow and our lives

We seek to discover the silence of our God

at the very centre of all that we are

The living centre

that makes the fullness of our humanity possible

Silence is the only language spacious enough to include

   everything.                            Richard Carter


Silent reflection


Face to face

Here in stillness

Here as you breathe in deeply

Let the presence of God unknot you

And fill your longing

Like the beauty of rain quenching a parched land

Like sunlight’s warming brightness after the dampness of the shadow

Like the tenderness of love’s touch after the brittleness of loneliness

Like a flower opening imperceptibly

Like a bird landing and coming close, unafraid, because in

   your stillness you are with him

Like a shower of rain washing away caked dust

Like the discovery of beauty when you thought it had gone away

Like the moon reflecting a luminous light

Like the stars again when you thought they no longer shone

Feel again the flow of God’s life flowing in and out

Untangling you from the inside out

Like love unseen, unheard, undeserved, expanding your heart

Broadening your world

Christ rising in you

The tomb becoming the place of resurrection.      Richard Carter


Silent Reflection


See the people you pass

The lives they carry

The stories in their faces

The fragments of conversations you catch

The relationships of those walking together

The pain of some you pass like a cry of longing in your own heart

   for the intimacy

And the laughter

And the colour and the youth and the age and their differing

   heights ad breadths

Imagine the choosing of the clothes they are wearing

See the person

Notice the beauty of this diversity

  the depth and richness and mystery of our humanity

The beauty and uniqueness of each face

Let this humanity also be your prayer

   the understandable and the incomprehensible

Each and every person made in the image of God

Each person known by the Creator

Each person loved by the Creator

Be filled with compassion

Look upon creation with the eyes of a loving father or mother

Let this walking be your offering

Let this walking be your prayer.


Each day we need to find space to walk with God

‘Follow me,’ he says

To look, To hear, To touch,

To breathe in, to catch the scent of God’s season     Richard Carter



Silent Reflection



Each day is an opportunity for hope

And hope will often arise from those deemed hopeless

Learn to hope in God even when hope seems impossible and beyond

Learn to hope in God’s grace even when the rules of the world cry out

   that your values have no currency

Learn to hope in God’s love

Hope as tender and ephemeral as a new shoot

But which can make the desert bloom and song birds return

Richard Carter


Silent Reflection




Blessings on the day

   born of night.

Blessings on the earth

   wedded to heaven.

Blessings on our bodies

   filled with dreams.

Blessings on our hearts

   opened by love.

Blessings, blessings, blessings

   blessings.                            John Philip Newell


Silent Reflection


Then to close we share the Grace together

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Love of God, and

The fellowship  of the Holy Spirit

Be with us all, now and always.  Amen


* The Richard Carter readings are from his book: The City is my Monastery




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