If you are planning to get married and are considering Wesley Methodist church, here are a few guidelines to help you.

Same sex marriage

At the Methodist Conference in June 2021 a resolution was passed to allow same sex marriages to be conducted on Methodist premises and by Methodist ministers. Wesley Church Centre is fully committed to inclusion and as of June 2022 is legally registered to conduct same sex marriages.

What is the first step?

Usually a couple wishing to get married should approach one of the ministers at Wesley and register their intent to marry with the civil registration district (Chester and Cheshire West).

Marriage preparation is provided at a local level by the circuit ministers and will involve a number of meetings in the months before the wedding.


One of us is divorced. Is that OK?

The Methodist Church is generally willing to marry people who have been divorced. You can ask about this when you meet with the minister.


Do we need to attend or belong to the Church?

People wanting to marry in church don't have to be members of the church, but most ministers will ask them why they wish to marry in church. A church marriage is a solemn Christian ceremony, with prayers and Bible readings reflecting Christian understandings of what marriage is about. Whilst people wishing to marry in a Methodist church do not need to be church members, most ministers will look for a genuine desire on the part of a couple to take their marriage seriously along the lines set out in the service. Discussing what this means in practice will be part of the marriage preparation.

For further information

Contact the church office.

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